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Terms of reference

Terms of reference


Former Microbiology Working Group Reports

EQALM symposium 2013

Report of the WG (Bucharest, 2013)
Results of questionnaire on not mainstream EQA (Excel file)
Externalized internal quality control in Bacteriology : susceptibility of bacteria, S. Albarède, CTCB, France
Malaria RDT Photo survey (IPH 2013), K. Vernelen, IPH, Belgium

EQALM symposium 2012

Report of the Working Group on Microbiology (Herlev, 2012)
Questionnaire on sample production microbiology 2012
Sample production microbiology IPH, K. Vernelen, IPH, Belgium
How CTCB produces samples, S. Albarède, CTCB, France

EQALM symposium 2011

Homogeneity 2011
Overview homogeneity bacteriology 2011
Overview homogeneity parasitology 2011

EQALM symposium 2010

Report of the WG (Lisbon, 2010)
Production Microbiology Samples of the IPH
Improving the stability of microbiology EQA specimens: Fungal spore suspensions

EQALM Symposium 2009

Report of the WG (Berlin, 2009)
Acquisition of samples

EQALM Symposium 2008

Report of the working group: Guidelines and methods used in AB susceptibility

EQALM Symposium 2007

Report of the Working Group on Microbiology (Amsterdam, 2007)



Survey 2016

Questionnaire on microbiology schemes

General considerations on post error contact 
Overview contact in bacteriology
Overview contact in parasitology
Overview contact in serology
Post error contact