Bergen, Norway, 8-9 October, 2015

The presentations in this page have been archived and are no longer available.


Session 1: Analytical quality specifications  
The Milan 2014 consensus document Sverre Sandberg
Biological variation database, time for an update? Bill Bartlett
Common performance goals in EQA, is it possible? Graham Jones
Session 2: Point-of-care testing  
Benefits and disadvantages of POCT Gunnar Nordin
The challenges of quality assessment for POCT Anne Stavelin
How to evaluate the performance of POC instruments? Grete Monsen
EQA provider experience with POCT Pierre-Alain Morandi
Session 3: Adam Uldall Lecture  
Performance criteria of point-of-care testing in modern medicine Sverre Sandberg
Session 4: Harmonisation  
European harmonization initiatives Ferruccio Ceriotti
40 years EQA experience – on the road to harmonisation? Michael Spannagl
Update on UK Pathology Catalogue project Finlay Mackenzie
Session 5: The members' session: Abstracts  
Acceptance sampling theory applied to EQA sample homogeneity testing Wim Coucke
ProMeQualLab - Project of Laboratory Quality Improvement for Portuguese Speaking Countries Ana Faria
Variables in the design of bone marrow morphology proficiency testing program: A ten year review of results from the Institute for Quality Management in Healthcare (IQMH), Canada Ruth Padmore
How to determine acceptability limits based on biological variation in External Quality Assessment Schemes (EQAS): lymphocyte subsets as a case study Mohamed Rida Soumali
External quality assessment programs in mycology - development of a scheme for galactomannan antigen detection Christine Walton