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2018 EQALM Symposium

2018 EQALM Symposium, Zagreb, Croatia, 18-19 October, 2018


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The use of these presentations event partial is not allowed without the prior agreeement of the author. Please contact EQALM (office@eqalm.org) for more information.

EQA in haematology: current developments  PDF Barbara De la Salle
EQA in hemoglobinopathies  PDF Kees Harteveld
A need for revision of the ISO 17043 standard  PDF Michael Noble
Adam Uldall Lecture    
Future challenges in EQA, with special emphasis on harmonization and commutability  PDF Greg Miller
Traceability in laboratory medicine  PDF Graham Beastall
Analytical Quality    
Global efforts in quality improvement (IFCC WG on Analytical Quality): what does it mean for EQA?  PDF Annette Thomas
Pre-Analytical EQAS    
Quality Assurance of the pre-analytical phase  PDF Ana-Maria Simundic
The CSCQ pre-analytical EQA scheme  PDF Pierre-Alain Morandi
Abstract presentations    
EQA in Croatia: organisation and strategy  PDF Jasna Lenicek Krleza
FMEA as a tool for risk management and quality improvement of the EQA process  PDF Vanessa Ghislain
One-year follow-up study of serum indices in Equalis pre-analytical external quality assessment scheme  -- Anna Norling
Comparing different approaches for multi-sample evaluation in laboratory EQA  -- Sanne Senders-Daniëls
Externalized internal quality control in Bacteriology: Antimicrobial susceptibility testing  -- Jean Louis Galinier


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