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2017 EQALM Symposium

2017 EQALM Symposium, Dublin, Ireland, 19-20 October, 2017


The role of EQA in protecting community health

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The use of these presentations event partial is not allowed without the prior agreeement of the author. Please contact EQALM (office@eqalm.org) for more information.

Validation of alternative microbiological methods for food, feed and environmental samples  PDF Hilde S. Norli
EQA and Chlamydia; protecting the community from the spread of STIs  -- Rosanna Peeling
Pre and post examination of microbiology by EQA  -- Michael Noble
Adam Uldall Lecture    
The role of EQA in the verification of in-vitro medical diagnostics  PDF Mauro Panteghini
Plenary lecture    
EQA for developing countries, the role of WHO  PDF Willy Urassa
Statistics in EQA    
A critical view on ISO standard 13528  PDF Wim Coucke
Statistical approach for optimization of EQA studies of molecular and serological viral diagnostics  PDF Matthias Niedrig
The members' session    
Definition of EQAS allowable limits for HbA1c: a candidate method  PDF Anne Vassault
Quality Monitoring of pre-analytical sample labelling  -- Ann Leonard
Abstract presentations    
Biochemical assays of human seminal plasma: the experience of a French EQA program  -- Safouane Hamdi
Assessment of Laboratory Performance in the Molecular Detection of Influenza A, Influenza B and RSV methods through International EQA Scheme for Multiplex Assays  -- Niina Kivi
IHC Breast Audit  -- Tony Badrick


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