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2013 EQALM Symposium

2013 EQALM Symposium, Bucharest, Romania, 10-11 October, 2013

Harmonization of laboratory testing: Necessity of EQAS

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Session 1: How to assess the participants – possibilities for harmonization?    
Scoring systems quantitative schemes – what are the different principles?  PDF Frank Baumeister
Scoring systems for qualitative schemes – response to a questionnaire  PDF Vivienne James
Session 2: Harmonization of reference intervals: contribution of EQA schemes    
How to harmonize reference intervals – role of EQA   Richard Jones
Harmonisation of reference intervals: Contribution of EQA Schemes  PDF Finlay MacKenzie
Session 3: Basics of the EQAS surveys: control materials    
Commutability of control material: How should we examine it  PDF Christa Cobbaert
Homogeneity of EQA samples requirements according to ISO/IEC 17043  PDF Frank Baumeister
Quality specifications for control materials  PDF Inger Plum
Session 4: Adam Uldall Lecture    
The role of EQA providers in the harmonization process: a plea for using native sera in external quality assurance

Newer trends in EQAS – continuous peer-group monitoring of laboratory data



Linda Thienpont

Dietmar Stöckl

Session 5: Newer trends in EQAS    
Finding the "Bugs" through EQA  PDF Shan Lloyd
EQA interpretative scheme  PDF Dina Patel
ERNDIM Diagnostic Proficiency Testing schemes: challenge for the harmonization of results submission and reporting tools  PDF Christine Saban
Contributions from Working Group projects    
Harmonization of CBC reference ranges for European EQAS



Mohamed Rida Soumali / Stéphanie Albarède
Results, evaluation and education on virtual samples  Link Istvan Juhos
Multisite evaluation of a new five-part differential control material for haematology  PDF Eva Ajzner
External Quality Assessment scheme for calprotectin Ò the need for harmonization  PDF Gunnar Nordin (Marie Lundberg )
Collaborative study Brazil-Portugal: validation of HPV lyophilised samples for the control of molecular tests.  PDF Maria Elizabeth Menezes
Evaluation of Romanian microbiology laboratories for the identification and antibiotic susceptibility of microbiological agents. Survey results of the 2013 External Quality Assessment Scheme  PDF Chifiriuc Mariana Carmen
Successful harmonisation of haemoglobin units in the UK  PDF Barbara De la Salle


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