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2009 EQALM Symposium

2009 EQALM Symposium, Berlin, 1-2 July 2009, Germany

Quality requirements and quality goals

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Session 1: Quality requirements and quality goals  
A review of the Stockholm Consensus on Quality Specifications Per Hyltoft Peterse
Biological variation, medical needs and professional recommendations as a basis for analytical quality specifications Sverre Sandberg
The role of accreditation bodies and EQA organizers in the assessment of analytical quality specifications Ian Mann
Influence of preanalytical factors on the quality of diagnostic laboratory tests/td> W.G. Guder
Post-analytical factors and their influence on analytical quality specifications H.M.J. Goldschmidt
Uncertainty assessment and analytical quality specifications Paul De Bièvre
Session 2: Quality requirements and quality goals – practical consequences  
Is the consensus statement still valid or should it be updated, and if so what part(s) need to be updated?
Quality specifications in EQA schemes: from theory to practice Mario Plebani
PT-program on pre- and post-analytical incident rates (RCPA) Penny Petinos
Minimal analytical quality specifications – the Spanish experience Carmen Ricos
An overview of the latest version of the German RiliBÄK Matthias Nauck
Adam Uldall Lecture  
External Quality Control in medical laboratories: differences with other PT testing programs Jean-Claude Libeer
Session 3:Standardisation and Harmonisation  
The standardization of HbA1c Cas Weycamp
The problem of the use of different units for the same analyte/td> Ulla Tiikkainen
Piet Meijer

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