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2007 EQALM Symposium

EQALM/IFCC Symposium 2007, Amsterdam, June 2007, The Netherlands


The presentations in this page have been archived and are no longer available (2012.08.16).

Linda Thienpont Traceability Assessment in EQA
Marina Patriarca Use of PTEQAS Data in the Evaluation of Measurement Uncertainty
Yousef Bilto EQA in Developing countries
Jean Claude Libeer Standards for Accreditation of EQA Programmes
Jean Ken Sikaris Qualitative Analysis and Reporting
Mike Noble Advances in EQA for Microbiology
Callum G Fraser Quality Specifications for Acceptable Performance in EQAS
Margaret McDonnell Quality Specifications for Point of Care Testing
Gordon Challand Pre- and Post-analytical EQA and Interpretation
Jonathan Middle EQA Perspective
Sharon Ehrmeyer Regulatory Use of EQA: A 2007 Assessment of Effectiveness
Lothar Siekman The Role of Reference Laboratories in External Quality Assessment
Jan Møller and Gitte M. Henriksen The End-users' Perspective

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